The results for the “Get Your Office in Gear Corporate Challenge” are in!

The results for the "Get Your Office in Gear Corporate Challenge" are in!

As most of you may know, the SBAC Wellness Committee, led by Danielle Girdano, of D’fine Sculpting and Nutrition LLC, launched a wellness program for the Chicago Sky WNBA corporate team.

The twelve-week program was designed to focus on physical fitness, nutrition, and stress management among the diverse participants, varying in age, gender, physical health, and ability level. Each participant was extensively tested and examined before the start of the program, and the same tests were run at the end, to get as fully developed a reading on the improvement as possible.

The results of this innovative program were unveiled at yesterday’s first annual SBAC Health & Wellness Expo in Rolling Meadows. Click the link to a video recap of the participants’ final results.

A special thanks go out to the SBAC Wellness Committee and all the companies that provided services and products for the program as well as the participants of this amazing “Get Your Office in Gear Corporate Challenge!”