Crain’s Chicago Op-Ed: Where does Small Business Rank on Springfield’s Priority List?

Crain's Chicago Op-Ed: Where does Small Business Rank on Springfield's Priority List?

Check out today’s op-ed in Crain’s Chicago Business today, written by SBAC CEO Elliot Richardson. In the article, Elliot questions how important small business really is to our state legislators, providing an overview of his experience in Springfield where he testified about creating a small business growth agenda and urged legislators to reduce excessive LLC fees. After reading, don’t forget to comment and share the op-ed with your networks via social media and email.

Illinois’s LLC fees are unnecessarily high, one of the highest in the nation and three times higher than corporation fees. Make sure your voice is heard on this important issue by contacting your legislators today. It takes just a minute to enter your address and you can email both your state legislators to ask for their support with the click of a button. An act that simple can go a long way in making this state a more favorable environment for small business.