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The SBAC was founded in 2010 by a group of individuals whose vision was to advocate for small business—to be a voice in government at all levels seeking fairness and opportunity for growth.

As more businesses captured the vision, SBAC grew incredibly quickly and infrastructure was added to support the members. Four staff members support the growth and facilitate communication among members, staff, and leadership. With over 750 members at present and over 50 new members joining in some months, our technology is insufficient and throwing more labor at the problem is inefficient.

Of the $25/month membership fee, only $2/month at present can be designated for actual advocacy. Our goal is to raise $30,000, or $42/member, to provide the technology needed to support future growth and to grow our membership to a level where government can not ignore us.

Since the SBAC was created for the members and receives its strength from the members, we ask each of you to consider giving $42 or more towards technology upgrades. We also solicit your ideas for other means of achieving the goal (though Mike can’t make muffins for a bake sale and Elliot’s building will not allow a car wash on Clark Street).

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