Legislative Wrap Up 2011: SBAC Called to Testify at Corporate Tax and CME/Sears Hearings

Over the summer and fall, the SBAC was called to testify on behalf of small business about the corporate income tax and the proposed special tax break for CME and Sears in front of two bi-partisan legislative committees.

SBAC lobbyist Dan Johnson testified at multiple hearings across the state on the issues, reminding legislators that small businesses create the majority of jobs in Illinois. Johnson also stressed the importance of implementing a fair tax structure across the board as opposed to providing exemptions to select big companies at the expense of small businesses.

The SBAC expects to participate in more of these discussions and continue to gain greater influence in the legislative process in the years ahead.

Other business groups that provided testimony included the Illinois and Chicagoland Chambers of Commerce, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the Retail Merchants Association, and the Illinois Manufacturers Association.

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