Ready for a Little Coaching?

By: Phil Gafka, Leap Associates, President

When should you hire a coach? Click on the image below to download a PDF on how to select a business coach. We all strive to be in a better place, with improved results and to get the most out of life. There are times however, that we get stuck and just can’t seem to feel the magic or find the “zone” that was so instrumental to our past growth and success.

Coaching is the process that allows you to open up and explore where you are in your quest for what you thought your life would be like or should have been by now. It’s also the opportunity to search for the missing components that make for a good life balance. Working with a coach, you’re committing to dig deep within yourself to tap into your unrealized potential and to begin to define the direction you really want your life to take.

Coaching creates a safe environment that allows you to confront your fears, openly discuss your doubts and to talk about the obstacles in your way. Once we begin to open these doors and find out what’s really behind them, then we can begin to define the path forward and help you create a road map that will guide you to achieving what you want life to deliver.

Knowing how to dive deep into one’s own true thoughts and desires often requires help and guidance from the outside. A second set of eyes, without the emotional attachment to issues, situations, history or problems can guide the person being coached to answers that are lodged deep and often, sheltered. This process is akin to peeling back the multiple layers of an onion. Slowly, layer by layer, eventually you get to the heart.

Once the real obstacles begin to surface, those barriers can be identified. You can then make conscious decisions for what action you want to pursue to overcome those obstructions to your forward progress. Depending on the rewards to be realized or the pain of the consequences, you can identify the wisest path.

“A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.”  - Tom Landry, Dallas Cowboys coach from 1960-1988, ranked as one of the greatest and most innovative coaches in National Football League history We’re all capable of improved performance and attaining more successful results in all aspects of our lives. None of us is fully using anything close to our full potential. Yet, we let obstacles hold us back or paralyze us from advancing towards our goals. Without these introspective explorations, we will never get close to the full realization of being the positive, successful and well-balanced people we know we can and want to become.

Phil Gafka, a Certified Business Coach, works with business owners, executives and professionals to help develop their career, business and life with a balanced plan that works for them. By helping increase the self-awareness of an individual’s goals and desires and identifying their leadership strengths, he is able to help them more rapidly achieve the results they desire. Capitalizing on his experience of leading successful companies and developing leadership performance at a variety of corporate levels, Phil focuses on Strategic/Cultural Business Planning, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching. Contact Phil directly at: