What is A Virtual Assistant Exactly?

By: Sue Kramer Harrawood, Owner of Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance

Does this picture look familiar?  Are you managing your own calendar, travel, events, social media, updating your website, and editing your presentation docs?

If you are like my firm’s clients it’s likely you charge $300+ per hour for your services.  The typical successful small business owner’s calendar is an investment of 15 – 20 hours each month.  This equates to $6K monthly – $72K yearly.  I encourage you to stop the $72K madness and delegate your calendar to a highly skilled professional who is a fraction of that investment.  As an owner your time is much better invested in tasks you enjoy and are good at which generate revenue.

In the upcoming weeks the Peace of Mind VA weekly tip will be replaced with the series ‘Partnering w/a VA 101′.  This change is due to the overwhelming need I see in the marketplace.  Too many small business owners are beating their brains out doing tasks they should not and wasting time and $$$.  Not every business owner is a fit for a VA.  For those who are my mission is to educate you about these awesome virtual professionals, how they can get you out from underneath the admin and operations pile AND grow your business! :)  Sound good?  Let’s go!

What is a Virtual Assistant exactly…
First and foremost, professional VAs are small business owners just like our clients.  VAs are NOT employees, part time workers, hobbyists or temps.  Like our fellow small business owner colleagues we converted our corporate expertise into a small business.  This is our career – we are not looking for our next gig or promotion – we own the company.  VAs intentionally decided on a career of service – the posture of a servant if you will.

VAs are virtual bookkeepers, marketing pros, executive assistants, business managers, operations managers, tech support pros, etc.  As business owners VAs understand how to operate a successful business and consult with our clients.  Just like our clients we have offices, websites, business cards, team members and network and attend conferences for continuing education.

When you have a discovery consultation with a VA they will not give you a resume.  Instead they will direct you to their website and social media profiles.  VAs work remotely with clients who are comfortable partnering with a professional who is not outside their door or down the hall.  We partner with multiple clients.  Due to this response time is not immediate.  Almost every task that can be accomplished at an onsite office can be delegated to a VA and completed virtually.