5 Mistakes that are Hurting Your Conversion Rates

By: ParadigmNext

When you search through your Google Analytics, what are you finding? Hopefully you’re seeing your traffic gradually increase, year-over-year, with conversions, or sign up forms, increasing as well. If this isn’t the case, then maybe you are finding high bounce rates, decreased e-commerce sales, or unexplainable click-through-rates. It can be disturbing to find these results, especially when you have a strong brand name and a product that is in demand.

It could be your website that is hurting you. Here we’ve listed the eight most common mistakes that businesses make which end up hurting their digital conversion rates.

1) A Call To Action: Often, websites include only one contact page, orminimal links for people to explore more or reach out to you. A clear call to action should be visible on every page of your website. Your website visitors need to be shown where to go next, so make it easy for them!

2) A Blog: Many businesses find blogs irrelevant or only for younger, more social businesses. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Your website needs a blog to not only establish your business as an industry thought leader, but it will also improve your search engine optimization.

3) The User Experience: Mobile devices have enhanced and expanded the wayyour visitors will experience your website. The goal is to provide the optimal user experience for all visitors and all mediums. Gamification practices also enhance the experience by making your website fun to visit.

4) Navigation: If you’re facing high bounce rates, it’s usually a result of poor navigation. Your website should have an easy-to-use navigation menu with functional links. Failure to do this will turn your visitors away, leaving you with poor conversions and less business.

5) Content: Content is still king, and it is imperative that a business invests in high-quality content that engages, educates and entices your readers. Google’s latest algorithm makes content pivotal in your search engine optimization and therefore, your conversion rates as well.

By addressing these 5 common mistakes, you will be well on your way to improving conversion rates and driving your business to success.


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