Telecommunications: It’s a Buyer’s Market

Telecommunications: It’s a Buyer’s Market

By: Anup Manchanda, VP, Teleprime

Click on the image to learn more about Teleprime, a provider of worldwide advanced telecom connection solutions.Consumers are in the midst of a telecommunications buyers’ market. Perhaps you are as surprised as I was to discover this is now the case.

Gone are the days of choosing a sub-par option from a handful of providers. Consumers have the power of choice for business and home services, often at lower prices than you are currently paying. Still, this smorgasbord of communications offerings can be a bit overwhelming. Besides, the service you are using has been “okay” and making a change could disrupt daily life.

Changing Technology. The public is well aware of how rapidly technology changes. New devices are rolled out with much media fanfare to an eager group of devotees who can’t wait to buy the new equipment. Some readers may be immune to the hype and sensationalism and wonder, “Why bother?”

Plan Review. Is your telecommunications service plan up-to-date? Chances are you retain the plan and provider you know. It’s simpler than doing some research and making a change. Don’t let loyalty or inertia cost you hundreds, or even thousands, of extra dollars each year. Savings with new technology and services are generally in the 20% range but may be as great as 50%. Instead of enriching a telephone company, use the money you will save for other projects within your business.

Where do I start? Begin the process by performing a simple review of your recent bills. Or, contact a telecom professional to assist with the review and perform an audit. Examine charges for the past year. Are costs even or have there been changes?  Are there services you are paying for and no longer use? Is the package deal that worked so well in the past outdated as well as overpriced?

Look to the Future. Making a change is really quite simple. The real benefit associated with significant savings is a great motivator! Creating a network where all devices in a business work together, and at the peak of efficiency, is the goal. Confer with a telecom agent to determine if all your telecom components perform at the highest level to drive your business forward.

Action Plan. Don’t let inactivity negatively impact your profitability. If your schedule has been so full that a telecom review has been postponed for too many tomorrows, contact a professional to work with you and formulate a solution. Gather your facts and benefit from telecom savings in your workplace. The savings will grow and you’ll be glad you made the change!

Anup Manchanda is a recognized expert in the areas of advanced telephony technologies including VoIP, SIP, unified communication, convergence, next-generation telephony, premise and hosted telephony solutions. His regular speaking engagements at industry forums and conferences allow him to share his expertise and give him an avenue to provide education to his colleagues as well as to support the advancement of technology. For more information about Anup visit or contact Anup at