4 Tips to Attract and Land Big Clients

4 Tips to Attract and Land Big Clients

By: Dave Baney, 55 Questions

Landing the big client: it is what excites you as a business owner. It’s your big break. It’s going to put your company on the map. It could help you break your sales records. The one that will set you above your competition. It will help your business grow.

Your desire to land the account is there; the motivation is there, but what about the “how-to”? How do you connect with the big client? How do you build a relationship with them? With the right mindset and strategy, attracting and landing the big client could be easier than you think. If you’re ready to go after that big account, check out these tips:

1. Start a conversation. While it might happen occasionally, a big client is unlikely to come knocking on your door. Start a conversation with them and give them reason to notice you, the more creative the better. Mention them in a tweet explaining how much you’d love to team up with their company, connect through a LinkedIn group, utilize your mutual business partners for referrals, or join and participate in the same business organizations as the influencers (Rotary, industry related groups, American Marketing Association, etc.).

2. Impress the gatekeepers. Companies establish gatekeepers for a reason. If you are cold calling a big company that you want to work with, getting the attention of the influencers and decision makers will probably be next to impossible. Gatekeepers often have the clout to set up a meeting with them, or at least get you a name. Ask the gatekeeper their name, ask them how they’re doing, maybe even engage in some small talk to get to know them better and give them reason to want to connect you to the executives in the company.

3. Learn their process. How do they pursue new business partners? Do they use RFPs? Does the CEO only want to do business with people he knows personally? Do they have to have several people sign off on a new partnership before you can begin working with them? Do you need to directly approach a department manager or a team of executives? If you ignore their process, you decrease your chance of working with them.

4. Get your foot in the door. An important point to remember is that big clients don’t always start out as big clients. Maybe the big company that has been on your radar will begin as a small client and then grow into your biggest client. Maybe they want a trial run before they put you on a retainer. Whatever your situation is, if you have the opportunity to showcase your work before the influencers and decision makers, do it!  If you do the little things well they will be more likely to put larger opportunities before you.

Are you ready to make it happen?

Dave Baney brings over 30 years of Fortune 500 management and leadership experience to growing businesses nationwide through 55 Questions’ tools and processes. Known for crisp execution, marketing insight and thoughtful direction, he is now a trusted advisor for CEOs. Contact Dave directly: dbaney@55questions.com