When Faced with a Challenge in Your Business, How Quickly Do You Adapt?

When Faced with a Challenge in Your Business, How Quickly Do You Adapt?

By: Melonie Boone, MBA, MJ, PHR, Founder, Boone Management Group, Inc.

Last week I received an email from my regional strategist in Seattle which talked about our marketing strategy and how we utilize our website to generate leads. We surfaced some of the challenges that we are finding and immediately called our marketing strategist to take the issue to the table and put a solution in place to help us meet our goals. Within two hours we had set the wheels into motion to revamp the strategy and help our organization to continue adding value to our clients.

So how do you handle challenges when they are presented?

Letting issues fester and remain unresolved can be a great hindrance to organizational success. Even a challenge that may seem like a small issue if left unaddressed can cause great harm. Allowing larger issues to go on without properly dealing with them can be catastrophic.

So what can you do?

Please take a couple minutes to view this short video with my tips on managing business challenges.

To recap, here are three tips to help you address business challenges:

Deal with issues right away! I know I am stating the obvious but whether it is an employee issue or a business challenge you must take steps to correct the problem and not let it go too far.

Assemble your team! You don’t have to deal with issues alone or operate in a silo. Pull your team together. I do this with my team. We call it “bringing issues to the table.” Something that is bought to the table is discussed and a plan of action is set to address the issue. We a person to be accountable for execution of the plan and we follow up at the next meeting to make sure we are on track. Don’t have a team? No worries, reach out to your trusted advisers and connections to get perspective on the issue. Then put your plan into action.

Follow through to mission completion! Some issues can e resolved in a day and some will take months. Make sure you see it all the way through to completion. Don’t let an issue fall by the way side. We are all busy and I understand that business leadership is challenging. In order to be the best that you can and lead your organization to success you must make sure that there is follow through and execution. Be sure to plan frequent check-ins for status updates to ensure goal attainment.

Your challenge can be a problem employee or a problem process. No matter what the issue you must promptly address it and put a plan in place to resolve it. Remember, those who don’t address issues stay stagnant those who do excel. Which one will you be?

Melonie Boone, MBA, MJ, PHR, Founder of Boone Management Group Inc., is a business strategist and executive leader with comprehensive experience in business optimization and human resources strategy. She works as a member of senior management to optimize strategic planning in support of organizational growth, bringing proven results in business strategy advising and directing human resources operations in diverse organizations across multiple states. Contact Melonie directly: mboone@boonemanagementgroup.com.