How Strong Is Your Company’s “Operating System?”

How Strong Is Your Company's "Operating System?"

By: Dan Wallace, Partner, Tailwind Discovery Group

The device on which you’re reading this has an operating system in it – the most foundational layer of things the computer must be able to do in order to work at all. As a user, you spend very little time actually touching it, yet that foundational layer is what determines how well the machine works.
The same is true in your company. There’s a set of things you do that creates the foundation for everything else that happens in your company, although if you’re like most business owners, you may not be aware of it. Yet more than anything else, the strength of your “business operating system” will determine how well your company does and whether you get what you want from it.
There’s a foundational layer of things every company deals with because you can’t have a company and NOT deal with them. These are the true basics – figuring who we are, why we’re here, where we’re going, and how we intend to get there. Figuring out who is going to get us there, how to know if we’re getting there or not, and how to deal with all the issues that arise when we find out we’re not getting there. Figuring out how to prioritize, to set goals, to stay focused on them and achieve them. Even something as basic as figuring out how often teams should meet and how to run meetings so that they produce results.
Like the OS in your computer, you probably spend very little time directly touching the components of your “business operating system.” And yet – again, just like your computer’s OS – these foundational capabilities turn out to determine both how and how well your business runs. Time after time, we’ve seen that when companies get really strong at these components, the business does better. It’s like taking Windows Vista out of your business and replacing it with Windows 7 or MacOS. The machine just plain runs better.
Ironically, these capabilities are so basic that the world of business and leadership education seems to take for granted that we all know how to be good at them. We don’t, simply because no one ever teaches how. If you’re like most business leaders, you could probably be doing these foundational things better than you are, and getting more of what you want from your business as a result.
The good news is that this doesn’t have to be a mystery. If you’d like to get more from your business, we can show you how to systematically and predictably strengthen the components of your company’s operating system. It will get you there.
Dan Wallace has nearly 25 years of experience helping companies create and realize value. He has worked with both mature and early-stage companies in more than 40 consumer and B-to-B sectors, both as an advisor and as a C-level executive. His experience as a strategy consultant, operating executive and investment banker gives him a unique perspective and the ability to identify opportunities, create and implement plans to pursue them, and turn the results into shareholder value. Contact Dan directly: