How to Care for Your Diamond

How to Care for Your Diamond

By: Danny Levy, Owner, Daniel Levy Jewelry


For a free business coaching session, click on the image.Your engagement ring is a very special piece of jewelry that will be worn for decades. Over time, your ring will come across different substances in your day-to-day routine that will create films on your diamond and decrease the light’s ability to keep it sparkling. And so, in order to keep your diamond looking its best, it would be beneficial to clean your ring regularly.

The easiest and most non abrasive way to clean your diamond is to soak it in warm water with a little bit of soap. A mild liquid detergent like dish soap will do the trick. After soaking your ring for about ten minutes, you may use a soft bristle brush to gently clean your ring further. It is extremely important that the brush is soft, as not to cause any harm to your diamond. With regular cleaning, there may not even be a need for a soft bristle brush. Also, be aware of any other stones that may be set on your ring. If you have stones other than diamonds, you must keep in mind that particular gemstones may require specific care. When you’ve rinsed off your ring, dry gently with a lint free cloth.

It is suggested that you take your diamond to be professionally cleaned and assessed by your jeweler once or twice a year. Firstly, because your jeweler will check the setting to make sure the diamond is secure and secondly, to give it a thorough professional cleaning. Most jewelers perform a steam cleaning and will be able to clean those tough to reach corners around the prongs. If you would like to steam clean your ring at home, there are several at home cleaning kits and personal steamers that can be purchased for home use. This is a personal choice, but note that having your diamond professionally cleaned once or twice a year and regularly cleaning your diamond at home with soap and water will do wonders for keeping your engagement ring in tip top shape.

Lastly, in addition to regular cleaning, make sure to steer clear of any harsh chemicals that may cause irreparable damage to your ring. Acids, solvents, and chemicals like chlorine will damage the surface and discolor your diamond. Remove your diamond before swimming, and it may be wise to remove it when cleaning your home. With proper care and caution, your diamond will continue to sparkle brightly for decades to come!

Daniel Levy is a third-generation diamond cutter/jeweler. From age 10, growing up in Chicago’s jewelry district, he was inspired by his father, the diamond cutter, and his uncles, the jewelers. At age 23, together with his wife Lori, he started Daniel Levy Jewery, importing and selling diamonds to retail stores across the United States. Today they design one-of-a-kind engagement rings and jewelry and provide clients with access to a billion dollars of certified diamonds inventory. Contact Danny at: