6 Big Business Mistakes I Made and What I Learned

6 Big Business Mistakes I Made and What I Learned

By: Jan Marino, High Gain Companies, Inc., Personal Branding & Career Management Coach

#1 – I was born an entrepreneur. I turned my back on that fact for most of my career. It was too scary and unpredictable. I settled for corporate America and a “sure thing”. What a mistake! After four lay-offs and two firings, I FINALLY got the message.

#2 – Wanting all the answers. I used that as an excuse for not moving forward and getting serious about my business. If I’d waited for perfection, I’d still be putting together a business plan I never followed.

#3 – Waiting for the right business idea/service to launch the business. I’m learning the hard way that small businesses must be extremely flexible. For example, eight years ago when I started my business I zeroed in on one service-business — coaching. What I didn’t realize is that I was only a handful of people on earth who knew or cared about business coaching. I’m always on the bleeding edge of newness…. and I’m an early adopter. Most people aren’t. I’ve learned that your customer dictates what the product is…. you fill their needs and you’re in business.

#4 – Giving stuff away free. I beg you…. DON’T DO IT! Your inner voice may say “I’ll give this service at no charge so I can get the service into the marketplace.” If you don’t put value on your work… believe me, no one else will either. Especially if you’re selling services. You’re providing something that will help someone better themselves or their business and make money….it’s valuable!

#5 – Talking too much. Really successful business people listen way more than they talk. I had to learn to shut up and hear what prospects were telling me. They told me they needed help with website development, business development, hiring good employees… I offer all these services now and we’re all much happier.

#6 – Thinking I wasn’t smart enough. What a stupid idea! I’m smarter than 87% of the people I meet… on some subjects. This one mistake has cost me time and money. I’m smart enough to author a best-selling book and start three successful companies.

These mistakes have taught me the biggest learn of all about business. You can’t wait for things to happen. You must make it happen. Especially in today’s marketplace… Do something…even if it’s wrong. Be disruptive the status quo. Our customers want better service and services… give it to them!

Jan Marino is a social media and reinvention expert. She is also the author of “Take Back Your Career”. She understands the two key concepts that successful organizations have adopted in today’s market: personal branding and listening for client needs. Jan is also a keynote speaker and has appeared regularly on TV and radio. She’s worked with hundreds of clients including McDonald’s, The Northern Trust, Walt Disney Co., and Bank of America. Jan began her career as a receptionist and worked her way up to become a senior executive in the telecommunications and financial services industries. Contact Jan: jan.highgainco@gmail.com.