Create a Unique First Day for New Hires

Create a Unique First Day for New Hires

By: Sam Kashy, Director of Business Development and Strategic Alliances, Tandem HR

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You have spent countless hours searching for a new candidate for an open job position at your company. You wrote a great job description, comb through countless resumes, spent hours in interviews and now you finally found the perfect candidate. They have skills and experience you dreamed about. You manage to woo them with salary, great benefits and the promise of professional growth. They accept your offer and appear excited. Now what? Many HR managers agree that a favorable experience in the initial few days on the job is critical to an employee’s continuing success and motivation. How can you influence this employee’s first days on the job to make sure they continue the excitement as part of your team?

It’s funny to consider the time, energy and resources many companies spend treating employees on their last day or week of the job. We host farewell parties, serve cake or other treats, organize a luncheon or even an after-work social. What if we onboard new employees with the same enthusiasm? It may be difficult to conger up the same emotion with a person we have yet to knows, but imagine the lasting impact on the employee. Picture this:

He receives the job offer and accepts. Before he is even on the clock, two or more colleagues have connected with him via social media and send a welcome message, mentioning they look forward to seeing him on his start date.

Start day arrives and he appears promptly to the office where a welcome sign features his name in bold, welcoming him to the company. The receptionist smiles and takes him back to his new cubicle where his neat and orderly desk contains a welcome card signed by the employees with whom he will directly work. He sits down and notices a pile of office supplies and a small box on top. He opens it to reveal a pile of his new business cards.

As he continues to look around, colleagues stop by his desk as they arrive and introduce themselves. He’s worried he may not remember everyone’s name, but then spots a company directory complete with names, titles, phone numbers and email addresses next to his phone. He spends his morning with human resources filling out required paperwork, but his team, including his direct supervisor, collects him at noon to take him out to lunch where they are able to learn more about the new employee in a more personal setting.

He cannot wait for the end of his first day (and not so he can escape the office, but) so he can tell his family all about his new and exciting place of employment.

Does this sound like a ritual you’d like to adopt as part of your workplace culture? Here are 10 ideas for a ‘beyond traditional’ welcome for your new employees:

  1. Create welcome signs in the reception area for the new employee.
  2. Print their business cards and have them waiting on their desk for their arrival.
  3. Leave a welcome basket on a new employee’s desk. Items do not have to be expensive (snacks, beverages, company logoed t-shirt or mouse pad, small welcome gift, etc.)
  4. Host a welcome breakfast or lunch with the employee’s department.
  5. Ensure the work space is neat and orderly without left-over clutter or papers from previous employees.
  6. Leave a small pile of basic office supplies on the desk and allow the employee to pick the rest of the supplies that will allow them to organize their office space the way they feel is most efficient. Include a company directory and any other important company documents with the supplies.
  7. Get the full department to sign a welcome card.
  8. Create a training schedule so the new employee knows what to expect. Do not pack it so full that they are unable to take breaks and soak in the new knowledge, but do not leave gaping holes where employees can get bored.
  9. If your company uses social media, consider welcoming the employee on the company page.
  10. Allot some time for the new employee to spend with their direct supervisor on the first day. If possible, a personal welcome from the President and other upper management is a nice touch.

The way you welcome a new employee can have a lasting impression and create a great start to a lasting professional relationship.

?Sam Kashy joined Tandem in 2010 with over 17 years of business development experience and is responsible for leading sales and marketing at Tandem. Prior to Tandem, Sam was a key leader in both business and product development for a data and analytics company opening new geographic markets and sectors. Sam obtained his BA at Michigan State University and later completed an MBA at Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business with concentrations in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.