Happiness: The Key to Business Success

Happiness: The Key to Business Success

By: Dave Baney

To learn more about the 55 Questionssm process click on the logo. Now…who doesn’t want to be happy? It seems that plenty of us don’t want to… at least based on the way we stick our noses to the grindstone and assume that if we work harder we’ll achieve success and happiness. Unfortunately, many of us are doing it backwards, and hindering our professional ability in the process. Maybe all we have to do is be happy and grateful in the present moment, and we will be more effective at what we do and more likely to achieve success.

Most of us believe that what we’ve achieved or not, what we have or not – determines our happiness. We also believe that happiness has little to do with whether or not we achieve success. As it turns out the opposite is true on both counts.

The goal here is to be happy and in turn you will be successful… Here are some tips…

Leader with a passion: The first and foremost part of building a happy organization is having a leader with vision and passion. In any business that you manage you must have a genuine passion for it.

Spread your happiness: A business owner’s enthusiasm for his entrepreneurial goal isn’t just a source of drive and energy. It sets a standard for partners and employees. Building a sense of shared effort toward something of genuine value can be extremely contagious.

Happiness begins with hiring: A critical strategy is to make your employees as content as you are.

You want to recruit and retain people who not only are fulfilled by what they do, but also can take on roles that others in your company cannot. This allows them to contribute to your business’s growth by focusing on activities and skills they do well, and they find rewarding.

There are also other things you can do to help cultivate a happy environment for your employees:

Focus on development as much as training: If your employees are in roles that draw on their strengths and interests, you can help them to grow and contribute by inviting participation, creative ideas and problem-solving in their areas of expertise.

Ask for their loyalty and return it: A foundation for happy, satisfied employees is an environment filled with a sense of obligation. However, don’t make it one-way; if you expect your employees to be loyal, reciprocate by doing everything you can.

All things considered, there are many different ways to determine what success means. And it does mean different things to different people.

My best guess is there are still quite a few entrepreneurs and CEO’s out there that can use a dose of happiness!

How happy are you and your employees?

Dave Baney is the CEO of 55 Questions, LLC, a certified Gazelles coaching firm. Hebrings over 30 years of Fortune 500 management and leadership experience to growing businesses nationwide through 55 Questions’ tools and processes. Known for crisp execution, marketing insight and thoughtful direction, he is now a trusted advisor for CEOs. Contact Dave directly: dbaney@55questions.com.