Congrats to Pitch Session Winner: Viet Nom Nom

Congratulations to Alan Moy from Viet Nom Nom for taking first place in the Spring 2019 SBAC Venture Pitch Session! Last week we had about 70 people on hand to hear three Chicagoland companies in growth mode share their BIG IDEA.

The SBAC Venture Pitch Sessions are unique events that go beyond what you see on Shark Tank. We focus on providing an opportunity where aspiring entrepreneurs and mid-sized businesses in growth mode can showcase their endeavors to an expert panel of judges and a crowd of fellow entrepreneurs. It’s a real chance to hear important feedback and make critical connections to take companies to the next level.

Viet Nom Nom is a food service and hospitality company focused on fresh, healthy, and delicious Vietnamese-inspired meals. They serve a craft, health-inspired menu and strive to put our modern, unique fingerprint on traditional Vietnamese dishes that appeal to all walks of life, while offering customers better-for-you food.

The other pitching businesses, Tempo Tea (provides “micro-dosed energy” in the form of black tea, matcha, or otherwise, for home or office delivery) and Spaceman ID (builds decentralized, blockchain, secure solutions to identity management) also impressed the judges and audience.

Attendees also heard from Stu Grubbs, CEO and co-founder of Lightstream, a platform for creators, gamers, and communities to livestream with ease, without excessive hardware. His remarks focused on the self-sacrifice of entrepreneurs, the difference between Midwest grit and West Coast flash, and how remembering his roots helped him and his business more than any other tool or training.

Special thanks to our amazing sponsors, UPS, WeWork and Fiduciary Financial Partners.