COVID-19 Announcement

Dear SBAC Members and Supporters,

Over the past week, SBAC leadership has been meeting to discuss the Coronavirus (COVOID-19) and how our organization can help the small business community and society during this uncertain time.  The situation is evolving quickly.  Health and safety must come before anything else.  We also know that COVOID-19 will have a dramatic impact on the small business community.  Please know that we at the SBAC are working hard to adapt to the evolving set of facts and circumstances associated with COVID-19.

The SBAC has already mobilized a team to review what can be done to provide relief to small businesses.  We are also analyzing legislation and policy proposals that can help small businesses make it through this difficult time.  We will continue to keep you informed of SBAC initiatives and resources so please be on the lookout for additional electronic communications.  Please contact us in the event you would like to assist our team with researching and analyzing different policies and initiatives that can help the small business community at this time.

With respect to SBAC events, we will be canceling all official SBAC events until March 27, 2020.  We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates about events scheduled after that date.

Finally, there is a great deal of educational materials regarding COVID-19 circulating at the moment.  Please let us know whether you are looking for this information and we can direct you accordingly.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website has substantial information on COVID-19, including information specifically directed at businesses.

Please reach out to me at in the event you would like to assist with our advocacy efforts at this time.

Thank you,