Creating Strategic Partners: Amy Cramer & Michael Caramagno

SBAC members Amy Cramer and Michael Caramagno have built a strong strategic partnership through the SBAC. Their story is not uncommon — the SBAC helps like-minded business owners connect every day.

“Amy and I met at an SBAC lunch in Evanston,” says Michael. “The SBAC allowed us to build a stronger professional relationship with regular meetings and shared advocacy efforts.”

“I had just started Cramer Law Chicago, P.C. and was in desperate need for an accountant. We hit it off and started working together right away,” says Amy.

Initially, Michael assisted Amy with her accounting system and offered tax advice. A few months later, when Michael hired his first employee, Amy handled all of Michael’s contracts to ensure his company was protected as they grew.

“The SBAC has helped us connect and get to know each other because it gives us built-in time to chat about how our businesses are doing, potential referrals, and connections,” says Amy. “I can’t say that Cramer Law Chicago would be where it was today without Caramagno & Associates as a strategic partner.”

Michael and Amy both see the immense benefits an SBAC membership offers. The SBAC helps her gain exposure to businesses and lawyers all over the Chicagoland area. “The first luncheon I attended, I got a new client. What could be better than that?” she says.

Michael believes that connecting with other like-minded business owners is an invaluable asset for his business. He says, “The ability to consult with and recommend reliable and skilled providers of other services, like Cramer Law Chicago, has made us more valuable to our clients.”


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