DHBL Op-Ed: The small business community can create a new narrative for Illinois

After a successful joint economic forum with the Daily Herald Business Ledger, SBAC President and Co-Founder, Elliot Richardson, expands in this piece about how the small business community can create a new POSITIVE narrative for Illinois.

It is no secret that Illinois faces economic challenges. The dysfunction of our state’s government in recent years has been highlighted by politicians and the media as well. However, pushing only a negative outlook does nothing to change the situation. The Illinois small business community can counter this unhelpful narrative by focusing on how collectively we can facilitate economic growth, create more revenue, and improve the fiscal condition of our state…

Illinois is our home and where many of us have planted roots. There is understandable frustration with the fiscal condition of our state and the way politicians have handled the situation. However, we must come together, earn a seat at the table through engagement and move legislation that will empower entrepreneurs. The time has come to change the narrative for our state. Illinois’ small business community is ready to grow and improve the economy.

You can read the full article here.

Photo Credit: Joe Lewnard (Daily Herald Business Ledger)