SBAC Now Venture Pitch Session

From: Wed, 08/13/2014 - 10:30 pm to Thu, 08/14/2014 - 01:30 am
Location: Arnstein & Lehr, 120 South Riverside Plaza 14th Floor, Chicago, IL

Join us at our SBAC Now Pitch Session, hosted by Arnstein & Lehr, where aspiring entrepreneurs and mid-sized businesses in growth mode will showcase their businesses.

Special thanks to our pitch session sponsor Elance.

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Keynote Speaker

We welcome Keynote Speaker Steven N. Miller, a partner and co-founder of Origin Ventures. Prior to co-founding Origin, Steve spent 10 years at Quill Corporation, a direct marketer of office products started by his family in 1956. His experience there included running the Canadian distribution center as well as P&L responsibility for a $30 Million product line. Steve’s final two years at Quill were devoted to starting up the e-commerce operation. He wrote the business plan for the company’s first web site,, and managed the team that executed it to $15 Million in annual revenue. In 1998, the Miller family sold Quill to Staples and achieved a $1 Billion exit.

Pitch Presenters

Gusto: Gusto is a communication platform that provides a single view of your digital life, improving email, productivity, and digital organization for the world, on mobile, desktop, and the web.

Appoet is building new avenues to provide uninhibited access to the digital world’s opportunities in the physical world through an instant and immediate communication tool, Infused.

Whoozat is a communication platform based on groups and location. Our tool-set uses geo-location technology embedded in mobile devices to engage and locate groups of friends, co-workers, and people users care about across a broad range of applications.

Bellhop delivers your packages to youat your most convenient time so you never miss a package again.

We also welcome our prestigious panel of judges:

Leo Friedman: CEO, iPromo
Jason Henrichs, Startup Institute
Steve Miller: Co-Founder, Origin Ventures
RJ D’Orazio: Managing Principle, Leto Capital LP
Robert Jordan: Author of “How They Did It”

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