How to Manage your Events

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Registering for Events

Step 1: Log in to your account. If you’re having trouble with that, read our How To Log In tutorial.

Step 2: From the Login Portal homepage, use the drop down menu to find “Current Events” OR, if you prefer calendar view, go to the “Events Calendar” under the “SBAC Events” tab on the top banner. If you register through the calendar, skip to Step 5.


Step 3: Using the “Current Events” drop down option, you can search events by Event Name, Category (chapter, community, committee), or Location.

Note: Events will show up with Non-Member pricing on the list

Step 4: Once you’ve found the events you’re interested in, click “Register” and you’ll be brought to the standard event page, which will display the member pricing (for events with prepayment).

Step 5: Choose the number of attendees you’re registering and click “Submit,” where you’ll choose which of your registered employees will be going before pressing “Continue.”

Step 6: Confirm the name and email, along with ticket option and continue to the Event Registration Summary, where you can confirm the details one last time before processing your payment (if required).

Step 7: After that, continue the payment process, and you’ll receive an email confirmation and receipt with an Outlook calendar post.

Managing Registered Events

Step 1: If you want to look over the events you’re already registered for, scroll to the top of the page and find that drop down list. Click “My Registered Event.”

dropdown options

Step 2: This is a list of the events you have registered for under your account. If you press “Details,” you can find out more about the attendee information and add, edit, or replace the attendee currently registered.

Step 3 (Optional): Check out the Website Tutorials page for more information on your drop down options, and if you are still having problems, please reach out to

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