Important Chicago Sign Permit Update

The SBAC is committed to advancing common-sense solutions to make it easier to own, operate and grow a small business. For entrepreneurs in the City of Chicago, navigating the code as it relates to sign permits is a time-consuming and potentially expensive challenge. In response, the SBAC joined forces with like-minded business organizations, local Chambers and small business owners to create the Signs of Change Coalition. This group and SBAC leadership meets regularly with the Mayor’s Office, Members of City Council, and staff that oversee city departments, in an effort to educate decision-makers on the impact the code has on small business owners and promote changes to current statute. These efforts continue to bear fruit.

A recently passed City of Chicago ordinance provides additional guidance on sign permit requirements. These updates to the city code are a big step in the right direction for small business owners, brought to pass because of the efforts of this robust coalition.

Visit the SBAC Signs of Change Coalition page for more information on these changes and resource materials. For full details please see the Department of Building’s Guide to On-premise Signs.

If you would like to learn more about the Coalition, please contact Ryan Tolley at