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kthiesbYour Health Care Reform & Employee Benefit Experts

Health Care Reform confusion? Get the guidance, solutions, and innovative product offerings to help your business through ACA changes. Axiom Benefit Consultants has an extensive background in health insurance & health care reform, previously working to train and assist insurance agents at the wholesale level. Today, we help business owners find a benefits solutions to minimize premium and maximize quality coverage. We are your advocate!

We take a holistic approach to benefits, not
only identifying ways to improve benefits but how those changes will positively
affect your company culture, employee satisfaction and productivity.  There is no “One Size Fits All” benefits
solution.  Every company is unique.

Below are a few examples of products we use to
help companies find their benefits solution.

  • Fully Insured Plans (PPO, HMO, H.S.A,, etc)
  • Partially Self-Funded Plans (HRA)
  • Fully Self-Funded Plans
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Group Sponsored & Voluntary Product
    offerings (Dental, Life, Disability, Vision, etc.)
  • HR Websites built for your company with
    individual employee log-on’s
  • Wellness Programs
  • New solutions to help lower premium and reduce
    employee out of pocket costs

Kari Thies
Office: (847) 847-1807
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Kari Thies