March 24, 2014 Talking Points

LLC Fees

  • Illinois LLC fees are the highest in the nation
  • Over 40 business groups across the state have joined our Coalition to Lower LLC Fees
  • Your help and outreach is crucial to passing legislation this year that lowers LLC filing fees from $500 to $39 (SB 2776 and HB 4361)
  • The LLC bill will be called in the Illinois Senate in the weeks ahead – please contact your senator to ask for support and to co-sponsor the bill
  • Click here to easily email your legislators and governor about this important issue or look for the LLC banner ad on our home page at
  • Like our new Facebook page “Lower LLC Filing Fees: Empower Illinois Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs” to keep up to date on this issue

Open Enrollment in Healthcare Markeptlace ends March 31

  • If you haven’t obtained your individual health insurance coverage yet, don’t wait any longer – open enrollment for individual policies is expected to come to an end on March 31.
  • There are many options to consider and the SBAC is proud to support the Land of Lincoln Health CO-OP.  The SBAC fought hard to bring a CO-OP to Illinois and small businesses can now shape the way this insurance product is developed. 
  • The SBAC has a private exchange featuring Land of Lincoln products and in time, will have special plans for SBAC small businesses.

SBAC Member Directory Pages

  • Did you know that each of our SBAC members has an individual business directory page on the SBAC web site?
  • This is a great way for our members to connect with each other for business opportunities, referrals, and strategic partnerships!
  • Find your member directory page under MEMBERSHIP > MEMBER DIRECTORY at or search your business name in our search field at the top right of the screen.
  • Don’t forget to review your own page to ensure it’s updated – if you have any changes to your directory page, please email Phil Randazzo, Membership Director, at