Mayor Lightfoot Signals Support for Fair Maps in Chicago

The SBAC  is engaged in the fight to end gerrymandering in Illinois because entrepreneurs are reluctant to expand when they are not confident in their government or ability to weigh in on policies that impact their businesses.

For the last two election cycles, our organization has been a member of the Illinois Redistricting Collaborative, a non-partisan coalition of organizations seeking to implement an independent commission to draw representational districts for state elected officials. This effort is focused on making this change through a constitutional amendment via legislative action.

While the fight for Fair Maps has encountered roadblocks in the legislative process in Springfield, we are encouraged to see Mayor Lori Lightfoot signal her support to have an independent citizen commission draw the ward map for the city of Chicago. In an interview on WTTW, Lightfoot affirmed the need to end the practice of politicians going behind closed doors to carve up the city. Instead, Chicago needs a map that “fairly represents neighborhood and community interests, not just the interests of the local elected official.”

You can view her remarks on Fair Maps at the 9 minute mark in the video below.