Membership Committee

The Who – Membership Committee Members are the Ambassadors of the SBAC
The makeup of the SBAC Membership committee should be members who are passionate about the organization and comfortable promoting it!

The What – Membership Committee Member Goals
The purpose of the Membership Committee is two-fold: to bring in new members and retain the current membership base. The Committee should serve as the primary resource to current and potential members – helping them with questions they may have about the SBAC or how to get engaged in the organization once they join. It is the job of the SBAC staff to provide whatever materials and information the Committee needs to achieve these goals.

The When – Membership Committee Member Visibility
SBAC Membership Committee Members should be just as visible as the Executive Board – perhaps even more so! We ask that each Committee Member attend at least one SBAC event a month (outside of regular chapter meetings), spend an hour a week (or reach out to 5 contacts a month) networking on behalf of the SBAC, and participate in the monthly membership committee call/meeting. Aside from these commitments, we know that small business owners do not operate under a 9-5 lifestyle, so we encourage you to network on behalf of the SBAC when it proves most effective to your schedule.

The Why – Membership Committee Benefits
*Develop professional relationships and expand your network
*Receive special SBAC name badges that state you are on the Membership Committee
*Raise your profile within the organization for other SBAC leadership positions
*Attend special conferences that are only held for the leadership in the organization
*Opportunity to present at SBAC New Member Orientation

The How – Membership Recruitment and Retention Methods
It’s not a one-size-fits-all endeavor and creativity is encouraged!
*Invite your vendors, friends and family to attend an SBAC event
*Create a mini meet-up in your community
*One on one networking coffees
*Share SBAC activity on your social media platforms
*Host a fundraiser
*Include an SBAC logo in your email signature, on your website and other business promotion materials
*Write a letter-to-the-editor to a publication – mentioning the SBAC in relation to current events

Send an email to if you are interested in joining the committee or learning more.