Bringing Intrastate Equity Crowdfunding to Illinois

Intrastate Equity Crowdfunding Press Conf. Photo
A 2012 nationwide survey of business owners found that 53 percent of respondents were unable to expand their business due to lack of capital, and 32 percent said they reduced the number of employees according to a report issued by DCEO.

Many states have already acknowledged the need of small businesses and entrepreneurs to have access to capital. More than half of the states in the country, including our neighboring states of Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan, now have an enacted or proposed intrastate crowdfunding exemption. This exemption permits small businesses and entrepreneurs to raise money from non-accredited investors, even before Title III of the JOBS Act comes into effect, as long as all the investors are residents of the state and the offering satisfies requirements that vary from state to state.

Intrastate crowdfunding can empower the small business community and entrepreneurs by allowing a vast number of individuals to make small investments into a business they believe in. Imagine investing $1000 into a local pizzeria and then heading over to our pizza place for dinner. State level intrastate offering exemptions not only keep investment dollars local, but also help small businesses gain easier access to the capital they need to grow and create local jobs. Intrastate crowdfunding can be a game changer for the entrepreneurial and small business communities.

Legislation SBAC Supports:

HB 3429, filed by Representative Carol Sente and Senator Tom Cullerton, would allow intrastate equity crowdfunding in Illinois.


Legislation allowing intrastate equity crowdfunding passed the House and Senate unanimously. The bill was signed into law by Governor Rauner on July 29, 2015.

Visit our SBAC Intrastate Equity Crowdfunding Resource Center, the central location for learning and sharing knowledge about Illinois’ intrastate equity crowdfunding exemption.

Intrastate Crowdfunding Coalition Partners:

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