New website launched for SBAC Empower!

The SBAC is a non-partisan, member driven organization empowering small business through advocacy, networking and educational programs. When it comes to our policy agenda, our focus is on initiatives to level the playing field for small business, promote a functional government and encourage economic development in all communities.

To increase our engagement with new and prospective business owners, the SBAC is proud to announce the latest initiative of its sister organization, SBAC Empower, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. With its dedicated and knowledgeable board and supporters, SBAC Empower’s mission is to be the bridge between the small business community, entrepreneurs and start-up businesses in economically challenged neighborhoods in Chicago.

The SBAC and SBAC Empower believe that the foundation of a vibrant neighborhood is a thriving small business community. Small businesses employ local residents, provide critical services, create positive neighborhood activity and disproportionately give back to their respective communities. Helping small businesses start, stay and succeed can be a game changer in a struggling neighborhood.

Spearheading the mission, Empower has partnered with the New Covenant Economic Development Corporation in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood – pairing SBAC members with new entrepreneurs to support and guide them on their journey to becoming a business owner. Graduates from New Covenant’s business classes are either in the process of starting or have already started a business.  Empower Mentors offer the mentees years of lessons learned and experience gained in managing a successful business.

SBAC Empower has also begun development of an online resource center for small businesses. While there are many organizations and government programs that provide support for small businesses, searching for the “how” and “where” is a bit daunting.  This searchable portal is continually expanding and aims to connect business owners with answers and resources they seek in starting a business.

Please visit SBAC Empower’s newly launched website at to read about their mission.  If you would like further information about SBAC Empower, to donate or become a Mentor, please send an email to