Nominating Committee

Mission Statement:
This standing SBAC committee recommends candidates by majority vote for Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

Meeting Time:

Meeting Location:

The Nominating Committee is comprised of the CEO, President, immediate Past President and two at-large SBAC members (or three at-large members if the CEO, President or immediate Past President holds two titles) in good standing as appointed by the Executive Committee. Nominating Committee members shall serve one year terms. The SBAC Immediate Past President will serve as Chair of the Committee.

The committee may not recommend or slate for elected office a current Nominating Committee member, however, a Nominating Committee member may be recommended to serve as an at-large Executive Committee member or Board of Directors member.

Nominating Committee members include:

Elliot Richardson, Co-CEO
Michael Cavanaugh, Co-CEO
Carolyn Hanna
Larry Minutello
Melissa Ryzy

More Information:
For more information, contact Mike Co-CEO at