November 10, 2014 Talking Points


SBAC CEO Elliot Richardson and Blanca Campos, our Advocacy Director, traveled to Washington DC to meet with the National Small Business Association and a group called Good Jobs First.  Working with both these organizations, the SBAC will work to empower the small business community both in Illinois and across the nation.  We are extremely excited about working with Good Jobs First to tackle the issue of one state poaching business from another with huge tax giveaways.  The SBAC is a non-partisan organization that works to ensure that the tax system is fair to all businesses and citizens.  For more information about the SBAC’s policy committee, contact Blanca Campos at SBAC headquarters.


The first ProPartners meeting is this week at Transnational’s offices in Rosemont.  The ProParnter program is available to all SBAC members and is a way to elevate your exposure while at the same time enhancing the SBAC advocacy effots.  If you have questions about the ProPartner or know someone that is interested please get in touch with Kristin Tews 


11/13– SBACNow Venture Pitch Session

Access to capital is always an issue in a business.  Come and learn what these companies are doing to clear that hurdle!

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12/3– SBAC/MCHC Wellness Expo

Health Insurance costs are an issue that all businesses must address. The SBAC is a clear leader in the innovation and education of small businesses and what we can all do to help make Insurance an easier discussion.

This event will be a great way to educate yourself on what companies are doing to help

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