10% Off Search Engine Optimization With Search Link

Search Link would like to offer members of the SBAC 10% off any of their search engine optimization needs. Search Link is an innovative Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm specializing in placement of small to medium-sized businesses on top search engine websites.
Search Link focuses on placement of businesses in the Local Results section of search engine websites. The majority of customers of a small to medium-sized business come from a radius within 15 miles of the business’s location. At Search Link, our philosophy is to focus your online advertising dollars toward the people who are most likely to do business with you – the people in your area.
To learn more and take advantage of this great offer contact Bill Luckay at (773) 682-5530 or bluckay@searchlinksolutions.com.
You can also learn more about Search Link at their website http://www.searchlinksolutions.com/index.html.