50% off Mobile Marketing with Bizy Deal

Go mobile with Textology: Half off 3,000 business text messages

Value: $300
Cost: $149
Discount: 50%
Savings: $151

Mobile technology is the future of marketing. Nearly 5 billion text messages are sent every day in the U.S. And they’re not all from kids. Fully 75% of texters are ages 25 and up; 50% are over age 35. We’re talking a lot of potential customers for your business … and now you can get half off a three-month, 3,000-text marketing program from Textology.

The average text message is read within 4 minutes, compared to 48 hours for emails. What other medium lets you interact with your customers–at their request–and get an immediate response? Mobile marketing lets you instantly:
o Alert customers to new offerings or promotions–try a “text to win” program
o Create interactive surveys or quizzes
o Send offers and reminders–perhaps “text to sign up for our newsletter and get 10% off”
o Deliver content such as mobile apps, video and HTML or Flash widgets
o Conduct mobile commerce, complete with ordering and payment

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