DTC Hiring Outreach Manager

The Outreach manager will serve as the head of the outreach department and will manage a small team of link builders and content developers. The outreach manager will have a strong background in content development and SEO and will be able to leverage that expertise in this role to benefit our clients. Content development responsibilities will include coming up with content ideas, writing content, editing and curating. SEO responsibilities will include creative link building strategies and training team on effective link building. The person will work closely with our account management team and collaborate with them to create effective outreach campaigns for clients.

Candidate will have skills that include:

Excellent writing, editing and content creation skills
Be able to effectively manage a small team of people
Good understanding of SEO basics and link building
Good understanding of social media (Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc)
Design and creative skills are a big plus (photoshop, illustrator, etc)
Team player
Management experience

Visit us at www.digitalthirdcoast.net. If you would like to be considered for the above position please email careers@digitalthirdcoast.net with your resume, cover letter and salary requirements.