FREE Business Training Program Funded by the City

Achieving Operational Success

A Training Program for Business Owners to Develop an Operating Plan

ATTN: Chicago Business Owners – A training program funded by the City’s TIF Works initiative is available to Chicago businesses to assist them with their operations and help maximize profitability. The curriculum includes training related to business planning, budgeting, purchasing, marketing, sales planning, etc.

How Businesses Qualify:
•Located in a TIF area that offers the funding. The address will be verified when a company expresses interest in participating.
•Willing to participate in the full program. The amount of time that would be required is estimated to be 20-30 hours over several months (approximately 2-3 hours per week depending on the needs of the participant). Some of the time would be in a group setting while the remainder could be at the client site or done via email. The participants can be the business owner or employees.

Eligibility is based on geographic location. There is no cost to eligible businesses. For more information, contact Niquenya Fulbright at (773) 564-9675 or by response to

If you know other business owners who might be interested in participating in this program, please do share this message to your networks.