Jan. 31 Seminar – Email Marketing and Appreciation Marketing

Two of the most effective marketing tools for small businesses are Email Marketing and Appreciation Marketing. Properly executed, studies show both consistently deliver a solid ROI.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this seminar to ensure that you fully capitalize on these tools:

* Distribution strategies for reaching all your target audiences
* Brainstorming tips to help you to create compelling content
* Design/HTML and copy tips to ensure avoiding spam filters
* Best practices to follow to ensure a high percentage of opens
* How often to mail and the best days and times to mail

* The principles of Appreciation Marketing and an understanding of why an attitude of gratitude results in new business
* How to acquire new customers and strengthen ties with existing ones
* Plant a Tomato Garden: The steps for creating Top Of Mind Awareness Through Others
* How to create an Appreciation Marketing Strategy (AMS)
* The difference between trying to get business vs. trying to help others

We’ll also share samples of Email Campaigns and Appreciation Marketing stories. You’ll walk away equipped to immediately begin strengthening your business relationships!

Your presenters are Cathy Cain-Blank of CC Marketing, a Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert, and Andrea Trovato of RonTro Enterprises, an Appreciation Marketing specialist.

This seminar will be held at National-Louis University in Wheeling. To learn more and register, click on the link below:


Questions? Contact us:

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CC Marketing
Telephone: 847-482-0999

Andrea Trovato
RonTro Enterprises
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