LUXLAB, Inc is born: UX Strategy takes it’s first step into the 21st century; How your end user is the newest most important person in your life, and why your business should learn to think of and treat them as such. Listen, Learn, LIBERATE your UX.

If you make it, they will come. If you make it great, they will Stay. At LUXLAB, We specialize in optimizing user experience across a a myriad of interactive media, from web, to mobile, interactive installations, tactile experiences, music, visual media, games, and spacial design – if you make something that involves machines, LUX can help you make that thing Great. Users, as it turns out, really like Great.
Contact LUXLAB at l our website,, via email, or call Madeline, LUXLAB’S President of User Experience Consulting Services, at 773-558-7537 to talk about your project, discuss issues, or just ask me questions. If you’re curious, I can make you certain – probably in less than 10 minutes of your time – of bounty of benefits proper UX due dilligence and focus can bring to just about any provider of technology services and products, and why lack thereof is, in 2014, if not just risky, but almost certainly the kiss of death for any provider of technological services. Think it forward, pay it forward, learn what your users wants and how to develop and design for THEM.

Sink of Swim in the Information age. Many companies have chosen the former, even more the latter. Which type of company will you choose to be?