Office Depot Discounts Of The Week – Sanford Products

Office Depot would like to announce a sale of select Sanford products like Sharpee and LabelMaker products! SBAC members who have enrolled in the free Office Supplies Discount Program can take advantage of these great deals!

This week’s deals include:
* LabelManager 260P Label Maker (43% off)
* Executive Card Scanner – V8 (39% off)
* Sharpie Accent Highlighter (46% off)
* Liquid Paper DryLine Correction Tape (34% off)

To see the full list of products and the product numbers needed to take advantage of these savings go to Sanford Product Discount Listings.

If you have any questions contact Brian Axelrood, the SBAC’s Account Manager for the Office Depot program at or at (847) 848-2776.