SBAC Grows Businesses through Member Introductions and Referrals

Melissa Ryzy, our wonderful membership chair and all-around great person, introduced me to Eileen Usher. In addition to being an extremely nice person, Eileen is an experienced CPA and partner in B2B CFO, which is a company that specializes in filling CFO and controller roles when a company would rather not incur the expense of a full time employee. As a new member to the SBAC, Melissa thought Eileen and myself should meet given our backgrounds. After receiving the introduction, I followed up with Eileen and had a nice conversation about the SBAC along with our respective businesses. The next day Eileen called and asked if I would like to speak with her brother-in-law who was in the process of seeking a CPA firm to perform his annual audit and tax work. I followed up with him and our engagement letter was signed soon thereafter. I write this to show how important and “real” this organization is to growing your business. It may take some time but a simple introduction and a 10 minute call to make a new member feel welcome truly goes a long way. Thank you very much Eileen and Melissa!

Joseph DeMarco, CPA Partner
DeMarco Sciaccotta Wilkens & Dunleavy, LLP
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