SBAC Member Connection Success Stories

The SBAC is such a great network of businesses and individuals, but for prospective members, what are some success stories you can tell them about? Moving forward, I will be posting success stories of members networking within the SBAC. To start it all off, how about a success story from me!

Brett Gordon – Weigel Broadcasting (WCIU-TV)
I met Jack Lane at Lane Media and Production at an SBAC event. After getting together, we found there could be great opportunities for overlap with our clients. At my television station, we can’t always provide the needed production for some commercials. Jack has been a great resource for alternative production. Jack also allowed me to pitch an advertising campaign through him to one of his major clients which is still pending. I have referred 2 clients now over to Jack for commercial production, also pending. The beginnings of a great relationship!!

If you want to share a success story, please email to More to come!!