SBAC Members band together to Provide Corporate Wellness Program for SBAC Member Chicago Sky

After successfully implementing a “Challenge Team” program in Texas with five individuals who had nutritional challenges and physical limitations, Danielle Girdano, with D’Fine Sculpting and Nutrition and the SBAC Wellness Committee Chair, received several hundred requests to implement another “D’Fine Challenge Team.” Danielle envisioned a new project with corporate wellness – rather than individuals – as the focus. After creating a plan and reaching out to local vendors, D’Fine sought a corporate office from among SBAC member businesses. Ultimately, the Chicago Sky WNBA team corporate office was chosen as the “dream team”.

Participants of the “Chicago Sky Project” were subjected to full health panels before the program began to gauge their physical and nutritional conditions, including heart blood volumes, artery hardness/flexibility, oxygen saturation, circulatory rates, blood pressure, body composition, dynamic strength, absolute strength, equilibrium, stress levels (brain wave pulses), flexibility and balance These panels will be given again in 12 weeks and their results will be revealed at the SBAC Health & Wellness Expo.

Reflecting on the experience, Danielle notes, “We are so proud and excited that this ground breaking study is being done in our very own backyard! Several people have joined the SBAC because of this project and the positive image it has reflected. It was a concept of an idea and after reaching out to members of the SBAC, the project is now a reality.”

The SBAC’s First Annual Health & Wellness Expo will be held at The Meadows Club Wednesday, May 8th from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The Meadows Club is located at 2950 West Golf Road in Rolling Meadows. This event is free to members and non-members alike. The Expo will feature a discussion panel, interactive demonstrations and vendor giveaways. To RSVP for this event or for more information, please visit

SBAC member businesses participating in the Chicago Sky Project include:

Ray Stuchly – LMI Riverside
Dave Ruch – Big Fat Happiness
Andrea Trovato – Send Out Cards
Jean LaVallie – ProArgi9
Marc & Barbra Gitomer – Touchstone Essentials
Marty Cappelle – Northwest Mutual
Mark Bier – Mark Bars
Judy Feldshuasen – Life Empower
Danielle Girdano – D’Fine Nutrition