Strategic Document Solutions Offers SBAC Members Great Discounts On Their Document Management Services

[img_assist|nid=573|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=202|height=104]Strategic Document Solutions is proud to offer SBAC members deep discounts on all of their document management services. Additionally, 5% of all business referred to SDS Inc. from the SBAC will be rebated back to the SBAC to help support it grow.

Strategic Document Solutions Inc. has the latest and fastest equipment available. Their operators and project managers are very knowledgeable and work to ensure customer satisfaction and quality control. SDS, offers a wide variety of document management services to many industries.

Strategic Document Services clients include:
– Chicago Law Firms and Suburban Chicago Law Firms
– Corporate Legal Departments
– Consulting Firms –(Environmental, Construction)
– Marketing/Public Relations Firms
– Financial Companies
– Educational Community

To learn more contact Matt Simpson at (312) 263-1040 or at You can also learn more about SDS Inc. by going to