Thomas Castillo

Elmhurst, IL | (630) 465-0183

I offer extensive leadership experience, serving as a catalyst for change and excelling in creating consensus among divergent groups and inspiring individuals to work towards a common goal. I possess a real-world perspective and thorough, hands-on knowledge in the areas of relationship development, staff mentorship and training, financial operations and budgeting, as well as business development and operations management.

I am a strategic thinker with the ability to recognize business processes in need of enhancement and rectification; implement action-based solutions in order to streamline operations and ensure both efficiency and accuracy. Serving as a mentor and idea generator, I am able to lead teams in the successful execution of both personal and professional goals while motivating staff to perform at optimal levels and inspiring to discover/hone latent abilities. I am an adaptable professional, excelling rapidly within new business environments and quickly capitalizing on any presented challenges.

My qualifications include a broad working knowledge of the business and government arenas, their competitive landscape and administrative operations. I pride myself on facilitating optimal service through extensive involvement, strategic planning, key initiative integration as well as fostering loyal, long-term professional relationships with diverse professionals.

I am a dedicated professional whose passion and drive to succeed has allowed me to excel and thrive while remaining focused on optimizing operations and service while maintaining the highest standards of ethics, integrity and professionalism. I excel in driving business objectives with innovative leadership and the constant challenge of excelling both personally and professionally.