September 17th Orland Park Town Hall proved successful

On September 17th, The SBAC held its first in a series of town halls on the proposed graduated income tax. Hosted with the Orland Park Chamber of Commerce, members of the SBAC, and the Chamber, had the opportunity to engage with elected officials and directors about how the graduated income tax would affect their lives, communities, and businesses.

President of the SBAC, Elliot Richardson, moderated the panel of participants include Illinois Department of Revenue Director, David Harris, Senator Bill Cunningham (S-18th), Representative Justin Slaughter (H-27th), and President of the Village of Orland Park, Keith Pekau.

The discussion included several topics including how the graduated income tax would address deficit issues in Illinois, if the new proposal would provide relief property taxes, and how local governments would benefit from the initiative’s revenues. For more details about the event, check out this article in the Chicago Tribune.

Our next town hall will be held on October 3rd at the Skokie Public Library, with the Skokie Chamber of commerce. Our panelists include Senator Ram Villivalam (S-8th), Senator Laura Fine (S-9th), and Representative Mark Kalish (H-16th).

Click here for more details about our upcoming town hall.