Why Choose an SBAC Participating Physical Therapist?

By Art Lubinski, PT, DPT, OCS and Angela Wilson Pennisi, PT, MS, OCS

Physical therapists who are part of the SBAC Health Care Marketplace have committed to working together to foster a representative network of independent physical therapists that exemplifies the highest standard of care, patient advocacy and innovation to transform the lives of those we serve and demonstrate our value to the financial stakeholders in their care.

We have chosen to demonstrate that value by measuring the therapeutic outcomes we achieve for our patients and comparing them against nearly 5 million patient episodes of care. This data has been used in over 85 published studies to create a fair and accurate prediction regarding a patient’s likelihood of improvement under a physical therapist’s care by considering the patient’s age, condition and severity. This process greatly benefits our patients by providing accurate and helpful information that assists them in understanding their conditions and helps our therapists enhance their skills and become even more effective clinicians.

We are all familiar with the standard report cards we received in school. Imagine how powerful it is for patients to understand their health care providers’ performance prior to initiating treatment!