Premier Advocate Spotlight: Brian Kastle

Brian Kastle

SBAC Premier Advocate since 2016

SBAC is pleased to introduce Brian Kastle, Vice President of Business Banking Relationships for Fifth Third Bank, as this month’s PA spotlight.

Brian graduated with a BS in Finance from Western Illinois University, and later earned his MBA from DePaul University. Upon graduating, Brian joined MB Financial’s Leadership Development Program where he was able to rotate through several different departments within the bank to understand how the bank functions, thus developing a holistic understanding of the bank. Brian quickly found his home to be within Business Banking, as his passion and commitment lies with working with small businesses to help them grow and succeed. “Ultimately, I went on to pioneer the Business Banking Leadership Development Program role as its first designated hire, where I primarily worked as a credit analyst and assisted loan officers with the maintenance and development of client relationships,” Brian proudly reflects.

Brian wanted a career with a business that had strong ties to the Chicagoland community, as he is a proud Chicago native. He states, “One of my favorite parts of my position as a Business Banker for Fifth Third is visiting my clients at their location to learn their story and how their business operates behind the scene, which helps to better understand my client’s financing and banking needs.”

Brian is a proud Premier Advocate, as well as SBAC’s banker! When asked about his relationship with the SBAC, Brian says, “What I like most about the organization is its mission of political advocacy by working directly with our elected officials to help pass legislation that makes the playing field more friendly for small businesses in the State of Illinois. I also enjoy the networking opportunities and how the organization promotes business for its members by hosting Premier Advocate events on site of members locations, giving member business owners the chance to talk about their business while bringing more light to the way Premier Advocates can support them.”

Find out more about Firth Third Business Banking at or contact Brian at for any of your business banking needs.