Premier Advocate Spotlight: Drake Smith

Drake Smith

SBAC Premier Advocate since 2018

Meet Drake Smith: a young professional who enjoys the everyday challenge of business banking. Drake joined the SBAC in 2018 as credit analyst for Signature Bank. Soon after, in 2019 Signature Bank became a proud sponsor of the SBAC. When discussing the SBAC, Drakes states, “The SBAC is a phenomenal organization with hard working individuals and inspiring leadership. We look forward to expanding our partnership in the future.” Drake’s admiration for the SBAC runs in the family, as his father Kevin Smith is the Co-Chair for the Northern Suburb Chapter.

Drake graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in finance and initiated his career with Signature Bank through their Management Associate Commercial Banking Development Program, a yearlong training program that allows trainees to rotate through various departments of the bank—Retail, Loan Operations, Treasury Management, Marketing, etc. When discussing his career goals, Drake says, “ Signature Bank appealed to me because they support the local, privately held business in Chicago and Illinois. Lending decisions that are critical to your business are made by real people who know you and your business strategy and are not just plugged into an algorithm. I was immediately drawn to Signature Bank’s sense of family and integration into the Chicago community. I have always sought a career that involves building relationships and supporting the community.”

As a Credit Analyst for Signature Bank, Drake underwrites commercial loans for locally based businesses. Underwriting loans can be challenging because every business tells a different story. Analyzing credit and financial reports to determine risk is not one size fits all. Drake mentions that he loves this part of his position with Signature Bank, learning about each business personally, understanding their needs and what will help them succeed is his goal.

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