Premier Advocate Spotlight: Jennifer Kurland

Jennifer Kurland

SBAC Premier Advocate since 2017

Meet Jennifer Kurland: a self-motivated, young professional who loves learning! Jennifer joined the SBAC in 2017 as an employee of MXOtech, a Chicago IT support team. Jennifer is an active member of the Women in Business Board in an Educational and Professional Development role.

When discussing her career transition into the technology industry, Jennifer says, “I embrace the challenges that come with learning a new industry, because I see them as opportunities to learn something great.” Her passion for building long-term relationships and her natural ability to be task-oriented are two strengths that she is leveraging in her current role with MXOtech.

Jennifer reflects on her interview with MXOtech’s CEO, Joanna Sobran: “I was instantly charged with a ‘can-do’ attitude within myself. When my instinct told me that here I would have a mentor, I knew I had to go for it. It has always been my goal to surround myself with people who want to work for their success and are authentic and passionate about helping people and sharing knowledge. I have found this at MXOtech. Being with MXOtech excites me because it is always changing, and it’s full of diverse individuals who are dedicated to making the right business decisions for every client”.

Business owners and operators require technology and data that can be effectively used to help them make strategic business decisions that will support and allow their business to grow. In her role in Business Development, Jennifer Kurland is the person to help empower these business leaders with the proper tools, expertise, and support they need.

“Why should a company work with an IT services firm?”, asks Jennifer. “When you find the right one to deliver quality work on time and on budget, it can lead to a quick resolution of issues and free you to concentrate on your essential business operations. The key is the ‘right’ partner”.

Contact Jennifer at and she will share tips on how to ensure you select the right IT support partner.