Recap: Elliot Richardson on ‘The Sunday Spin’ 2/12

Elliot Richardson, Founder and CEO of the Small Business Advocacy Council, was a guest on The Sunday Spin: Politics with Rick Pearson on Feb. 12. Richardson and Pearson discuss the unprecedented budget impasse in Illinois.

Richardson emphasizes how the budget impasse, which has lasted almost two years, is devastating for small business owners who cannot afford to not get paid by the state.

“This political standoff is not only costing jobs and forcing some small businesses to consider going out of business, it’s also decimating the feeling that people have that Illinois is a decent place to run a business,” he says.

He believes political leaders must do their jobs, work together to end the budget crisis and help restore confidence in Illinois’ economy.

“The nice thing about doing business with the state was always supposed to be you might not get paid immediately, but it’s the state. You’re going to get paid, right? That was the feeling, the security of doing business with an entity that wasn’t going to go bankrupt,” he says. “Now, people don’t even have that security.”

Richardson and Pearson discuss how the SBAC has been taking action. In partnership with a coalition of 23 business and civic organizations across Chicagoland, the SBAC sent a letter with to Gov. Rauner and the state’s legislative leaders, imploring them to end the Illinois budget impasse now (the letter can be found here).

Richardson says that the next step is launching a grassroots campaign. He urges small business owners and Illinois residents to contact their representatives and encourage them to end the budget impasse. Contact your legislators here.

“It might take a revolt from legislators against party leadership to actually get this done. And they’re going to hear from a lot of people,” he says. “It’s hard. We’re running businesses, we’re running our lives, but we’re going to have to put that kind of pressure on rank-and-file legislators to get this budget impasse ended.”

Listen to the full WGN Radio show here.

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