Redistricting Reform

Gerrymandering is bad public policy and bad for small business.  Electoral maps drawn to ensure election of one political party result in uncontested elections and elected officials who are beholden to party leaders and not constituents, including small business constituents.  The SBAC is fighting to end gerrymandering in Illinois because entrepreneurs are reluctant to expand when they are not confident in their government or ability to weigh in on policies that impact their businesses.

The SBAC is a member of the Illinois Redistricting Collaborative, a non-partisan coalition of organizations seeking to implement an independent commission to draw representational districts for state elected officials. This effort is focused on making this change through a constitutional amendment via legislative action. In 2018, legislation outlining collaborative objectives was filed in the House  and the Senate, but neither chamber brought the bill up for consideration on the floor, despite having enough public support for passage in the Senate.

Our efforts continue in 2019 with the reintroduction of legislation to consider a constitutional constitutional amendment to set up an independent commission to draw legislative district for state officials.

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