SBAC 2011 May Educational Forum – Protecting Your Business

Protecting Your Business


Leon Edelson – Edelson IP Law Group, Ltd.

Will delve into the world of intellectual property and discuss the various factors business owners should consider when making decisions involving trademark, patent and copyright matters.


Joy Feinberg – Feinberg & Barry, PC

Ms. Feinberg has been on every list of top Illinois Divorce Attorneys for many years now. With over 34 years of experience representing high level executives, professionals and business owners, Ms. Feinberg will tell you what you face in the strange and unsettling world of divorce law and how to protect your business or your business clients when they divorce. While every case has unique aspects, certain universal truths can and will be told.


Melonie Boone, MBA, MJ PHR – Complete Concepts Consulting

Will share some of the ways to protect your business by employing easy practices to ensure compliance with critical employment regulations.


Craig Greene, CPA/CFF, CFE, MCJ – McGovern & Greene LLP

Seasoned fraud buster and white collar criminologist, Craig L. Greene, CPA/CFF, CFE will discuss protecting your business from the “Thief Within”. Greene will focus on the most common employee frauds and how to protect your business from being the next victim.


Terry Keating – Amherst Partners

Guideposts for owners and management on how to manage their relationship with capital providers in good times and bad times; and how to protect against bad outcome and enhance the value of your business.